Understanding Breastfeeding Comprehensive Guide

The guide for breastfeeding success.

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Understanding Breastfeeding Comprehensive Guide

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Breastfeeding mothers need all the support they can get! Now you can give them the information they need to succeed. Understanding Breastfeeding   guide answers all their breastfeeding questions. Follows ILCA and AAP guidelines and recommendations.

The companion website features 19 video clips, including latch animation, to help new moms successfully breastfeed.

More than a booklet!

  • Free access to an award-winning companion website
  • Dozens of video clips, printable charts, checklists, and more
  • Commercial free
  • Clear, informative, easy to read
  • NEW interactive features, such as weekly breastfeeding emails
  • All content is peer-reviewed annually for accuracy
  • Use in class, clinic, bedside, or at home

Chapters Include:

  • Chapter 1: How Breastfeeding Works – breastfeeding is ideal, the early weeks, how your body makes milk, your milk changes, special situations (preemies, multiples, breast surgery)
  • Chapter 2: Latching On and Positioning – getting off to a good start, mother & baby positioning, latching on, breastfeeding holds, feeding patterns
  • Chapter 3: When to Feed Your Baby – hunger signs, crying patterns, sleepy eaters, avoid pacifiers & bottle feeding
  • Chapter 4: How Much Is Enough? – how to know that your baby is getting enough milk, counting diapers, weight gain, feeding log, jaundice
  • Chapter 5: Breast Care – breast fullness, expressing your milk by hand, engorgement, blocked ducts, nipple care, sore & cracked nipples, breast infection
  • Chapter 6: Breastfeeding Lifestyle – taking care of yourself, family planning, nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, returning to work, expressing & storing your milk

19 video clips and 9 Printable Handouts at -- Compatible with Smart Phones and Tablets!

This product is suitable for Baby-Friendly hospitals.

Baby-Friendly® is a registered mark of UNICEF. This product has not been assessed for compliance with the Baby-Friendly Health Initiative
and has not been endorsed by or affiliated with UNICEF or Baby-Friendly USA, Inc.

Additional Information

Language(s) Available in English and Spanish
Ages 13-Adult
Additional Information: 10 unit minimum per order. Quantity discounts are available. Call for details.
Price $4.00 per unit
Copyright Year 2016 English • 2015 Spanish
Publication Size 8" x 11" Full-Color Booklet
Number of Pages 36
Video Clips 19
Available PDF Downloads 9


"This is a highly effective new teaching approach. My parents rave about having access to video clips on topics they can continue to view on their own."
 Martha Olson, RN, ICCE, IBCLC


Silver Award
Best Interactive Website - eHealthcare Leadership Awards

Bronze Award
Best Website - Health Information Awards

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