InJoy's Complete Teaching Solution

Educators need teaching materials customized for what they teach, how they teach, and who they teach. What works in the classroom, might not work best for independent learning.  Additionally, what works for one demographic audience might not resonate with another. 

Our flexible Complete Teaching Solution includes DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, video-enhanced printed materials, online eClasses for patient and staff development, web apps, and digital delivery for patient-education systems and mobile devices. What goes into our solutions is nothing we take lightly. InJoy’s “Product Core Values” ensures quality in every step of our approach.

InJoy Product Core Values:

  • Attractive & Current (High-quality footage, Well-designed graphics, Contemporary style)
  • Reviewed & Approved (Expert-reviewed, Regularly evaluated, Meets InJoy’s quality standards)
  • Well-Researched (Evidence-based information, Reflects current guidelines, Conveys teaching points)
  • Clear & Compelling (Easy to understand and use, Balances information and story, Innovative animations)
  • Models Healthy Choices (Safety-conscious, Breastfeeding-friendly, and Supports partner involvement)
  • Warm & Reassuring (Solution-oriented, Creates an emotional connection, Diverse and unbiased)