Practices to Increase Exclusive Breastfeeding: Core Concepts eCourse

Bring your staff on board with exclusive breastfeeding.

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Practices to Increase Exclusive Breastfeeding: Core Concepts eCourse

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Preview Module 2This expert-reviewed online course helps organizations raise exclusive
breastfeeding rates by showing maternity staff how to apply evidence-based
strategies and a collaborative care model.

Four 20-minute modules cover the foundations of normal breastfeeding support:

  • Module 1: 10 Steps Overview & Communication – "10 Steps", team strategies, effective patient communication
  • Module 2: Labor & Birth – Effects of labor procedures, biological programming, skin-to-skin care after vaginal and cesarean births
  • Module 3: Days 1-3 Postpartum – Rooming-in, hunger signs, latch, infant sucking patterns, discharge teaching
  • Module 4: Expressing Milk – Hand expression, pumping, milk storage, donor milk


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     Includes Facilitator's Guide with ideas and handouts for in-service group sessions.



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“This program offers useful information in a quick and interactive way. 
The videos worked well and can offer useful tools for the busy bedside nurse.” 
–Linda Rosetti, RN, IBCLC, FACCE

“A true pleasure to be a part of this incredible opportunity to educate staff with actual experiences from 
the healthcare setting. This provides excellent education to new and experienced staff.” 
–Liz Peters, RN, Nurse Manager 

“The babies will benefit greatly from having mothers that are well educated on breastfeeding 
from ALL the nursing staff during their hospital stay. This course provides a great foundation 
for that education to build off of. 
–Shawna Goettig, RN 

“Great program to educate staff on the key components of the 
10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding.”
   –Karen Moore, APRN-CNS

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