ALL-NEW Understanding Birth 3rd Edition: A Comprehensive Guide

A complete remake of the video educators rely on for their entire childbirth curriculum.

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ALL-NEW Understanding Birth 3rd Edition: A Comprehensive Guide

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Facilitator's Guide With Parent Handouts:

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ub3_packageinfo_image.pngInJoy’s comprehensive Understanding Birth DVD supports your entire childbirth program by providing real-world video examples for all of your teaching points. With the all-new third edition you can be sure you are presenting the most recent evidence-based information in a way that appeals to today’s parents.

  • Current guidelines – Includes ACOG’s revised labor and early-term pregnancy guidelines, current AAP circumcision and SIDS policies, and up-to-date breastfeeding information
  • Modern animation – Uses the latest animation techniques to explain anatomy, labor, and medical procedures in a way parents will understand
  • Relatable stories – Engages parents with story-based education that features other families’ birth experiences and feelings
  • Objective voice – Explores a variety of birth choices in a positive, respectful way that does not dramatize the labor experience

Content Includes:

  • Pregnancy – fetal development, emotions, anatomy, discomforts, nutrition, preterm labor, hazards, exercise
  • Labor – signs labor is near, onset, stages overview, early labor, active labor, transition, 2nd stage, 3rd & 4th stages
  • Brandy’s Birth Story – unmedicated birth story shows stages of labor, comfort techniques, and partner support
  • Comfort Techniques – support team, massage, visualization, vocalization, breathing, relaxation,  hydrotherapy, labor positions, pushing positions, pushing techniques
  • Medical Procedures – birth plans, BRAIN acronym, induction, monitoring, analgesics, epidurals, augmentation, 2nd stage interventions
  • Cesarean Birth – reasons for cesareans, risks, surgery preparation, anesthesia, surgery animation, breastfeeding, recovery
  • Newborns – appearance, procedures, first feeding, senses, crying, Abusive Head Trauma, sleep, SIDS safety
  • Postpartum – involution, lochia, perineum care, emotions (PPD), support, healthy habits, breastfeeding


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Additional Information

Language(s) Available in English and Spanish
Closed Captioned Yes
Release Year 2015
Program Length Full Version: 146 min. • Express Version, 5 Chapters: 62 min.
Ages 13-Adult
DVD Purchase Includes Facilitator's Guide & Parent Handouts • Premium Package also includes Express version and 18-month free trial subscritption to Classroom Website.
Number of Volumes Single Volume
Price BASIC: $399.95 • PREMIUM: $499.95



“Over the years, InJoy has consistently provided high-quality, evidence-based information for parents.
This DVD carries on that tradition. Thank you, InJoy!”

-Tamara Drechsler-Corbeil, MSN, RN, CLC


“I love the graphics and animations. The couples in the video are so real and easy to relate to.”
-Diane Siadak, RNC, LCCE

“Understanding Birth provides my classroom with great visuals and understanding of the normal birth process.”
-Heidi Overacker, LCCE, CPS, BLS

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