Secrets From a Postpartum Doula: Newborn Care & Soothing Techniques
Presented by Kimberly Bepler, IBCLC


Teaching baby care classes can be confusing with all the new evidence. Do we teach swaddling to help parents soothe their newborn, or promote skin to skin? Do we show them the 5 S’s, or teach parents about the crying curve and infant development?

Presented by an educator and postpartum doula who learns from babies and families every day, this webinar will share insight on newborn care and provide tips on how to educate parents about becoming competent and confident as they welcome their new babies.

You will learn:

  • The latest evidence in newborn care
  • Tips on teaching parents how to keep their babies happy and fulfill their innate needs
  • Ways educators can become more baby-friendly and promote breastfeeding, while still supporting parents and giving them the competence (and confidence) to do their best
  • New options for the care of infants
  • And much more!







Kimberly Bepler, IBCLC, Certified Postpartum Doula and Doula Trainer (CAPPA), Certified Postnatal Educator (ICEA), Infant Massage Instructor, CST Practitioner, and mom of two, has spent the last 12 years serving families (approximately 800 of them) in their homes with their newborns. In addition, Kimberly also teaches teaching baby care classes and facilitates moms groups.

Caring for many infants, parents, and parents-to-be, Kimberly offers new techniques that help parents make the best possible choices for their families.




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