The Stages of Labor 2nd Edition: A Visual Guide for Teens

The ultimate birth DVD just for teens.

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The Stages of Labor 2nd Edition: A Visual Guide for Teens

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How do you get through to pregnant teens? Show them a program that focuses specifically on the birth experiences of other teens. This special version of The Stages of Labor is made just for teens—with modern animation and graphics, all-teen births, and a teen narrator. Easy-to-understand 3D animation of the labor process, real video segments showing teen parents in labor, and personal interviews create a program that's proven to engage and inform young adult viewers.

Content Includes:

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy & Pre-Labor Signs – warm-up contractions (Braxton-Hicks), signs of preterm labor, lightening, release of the mucous plug, nesting, other signs
  • Onset of Labor & The Three Stages of Labor – timing contractions, water breaks, COAT, labor overview
  • First Stage: Early Labor, Active Labor, & Transition – contractions, duration, dilation, effacement, emotions, what to expect, labor support, when to go to the hospital, internal rotation, fetal position
  • Second Stage: Pushing & Birth – contractions, duration, emotions, support, pelvic station, bony plates, crowning, cutting the cord
  • Third Stage – delivery of the placenta, afterpains, breastfeeding

Additional Information

Language(s) Available in English and Spanish
Closed Captioned English Only
Release Year 2007
Program Length 32 min.
Ages 13-21
Number of Volumes Single Volume
Price $279.95


"Bundled with a facilitator's guide, this is a must for parenting courses, and highly recommended for general collections."
- Video Librarian

"The information is clear and concise, illustrations are well done, and the students easily understand the content concepts."
- Maggie Payne, Teen Parent Program Director, Poudre School District


Platinum Best of Show
Fitness/Health - Aurora Awards

Silver Award
How-To/Instructional - 29th Annual Telly Awards

Bronze Award
Patient Education - HeSCA Media Festivals