Understanding Birth Comprehensive Guide

The complete guide for childbirth education.

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Understanding Birth Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding Birth book with video website provides essential research-based information to help new parents be better prepared for their own birth experience. Parents will learn about the stages of labor through innovative 3D animation, how the birth process unfolds using real birth stories, helpful partner support tips, what to expect from common medical procedures,and much more. Ideal for full-length or condensed classes.

The companion video website,, features 66 video clips, including birth stories and 3D animation of the stages of labor to help parents understand the birth process. 

More than a booklet!

  • Free access to a commercial-free companion website
  • Dozens of video clips, printable charts, checklists, and more
  • Commercial free
  • Clear, informative, easy to read
  • NEW features, such as weekly emails and interactive web tools
  • All content is peer-reviewed annually for accuracy
  • Use in class, clinic, bedside, or at home

Chapters include: 

  • Chapter 1: Pregnancy – fetal development, anatomy, discomforts, nutrition, warning signs, preterm labor, hazards, emotions, strength and stretching exercises, and more
  • Chapter 2: Labor – pain theories, 4 P's of labor, prelabor signs, onset of labor, stages of labor, importance of skin-to-skin contact, and more
  • Chapter 3: Birth Stories – how the stages of labor unfold in real life, natural coping techniques, medicated pain relief, partner support
  • Chapter 4: Comfort Techniques – labor support, breathing,relaxation, massage, visualization, focal points, hydrotherapy, labor & pushing positions, back labor, partner advice, and more
  • Chapter 5: Medical Procedures – birth plans, decision-making, induction, fetal monitoring, IVs, pain medication, augmentation, second-stage interventions, nonmedical alternatives, and more
  • Chapter 6: Cesarean Birth – reasons for a cesarean, risks, anesthesia, 3D animation of surgery, recovery, reducing the risk for cesarean birth, breastfeeding, family-centered birth tips
  • Chapter 7: Newborns – newborn hospital procedures, skin-to-skin contact, first feeding, newborn appearance, senses, behaviors, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome (abusive head trauma)
  • Chapter 8: Postpartum – involution, lochia, perineum care, rooming-in, baby blues, postpartum depression, healthy habits, breastfeeding, hunger signs, feeding frequency, effective latch, getting support, and more

66 video clips and 16 Printable Handouts at — Compatible with Smart Phones and Tablets!

Additional Information

Language(s) Available in English and Spanish
Ages 13-Adult
Additional Information: 10 unit minimum per order. Quantity discounts are available. Call for details.
Price $4.70 per unit
Copyright Year English 2016 • Spanish 2014
Publication Size 8" x 11" Full-Color Booklet
Number of Pages 72
Video Clips 66
Available PDF Downloads 15


"What a brilliant idea! My 'parents to be' were excited about having this book for their childbirth class because of its colorful layout and online features. The book can be used during class, and the website is a wonderful way to supplement class material at home and to review topics after the class has concluded."
- Kim Fuhrman, RN, Longmont United Hospital Birthing Center


"All that I can say is FABULOUS!!! Our patrons really liked See What You Read: Understanding Birth, and they are a huge resource for them during, as well as after, the class."
- Try Banks, Emory University Hospital Midtown


"See What You Read: Understanding Birth is an interactive text that provides up-to-date information on challenges and choices in childbirth. This is an ideal resource text for anyone attending prepared childbirth classes. It would be an excellent resource as well for women on bed rest."
- Jane Hentzen, RNC, BSN, FACCE


Silver Award
Best Interactive Website - eHealthcare Leadership Awards

Bronze Award
Best Website - Health Information Awards

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