Safety Starts at Home: The Essential Childproofing Guide

Eliminate hazards at home.

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Safety Starts at Home: The Essential Childproofing Guide

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Facilitator's Guide & Room-by-room Safety Checklist:

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Demonstrating proven childproofing techniques and accident-prevention strategies, this up-to-date, comprehensive DVD unifies safety guidelines and shows caregivers how to take proactive measures at home. Many no- or low-cost safety alternatives are offered.

Updates Include:

  • New SIDS prevention guidelines, including benefits of breastfeeding and more
  • Latest crib and baby gate recommendations
  • New segment on car seat safety
  • Warnings on lithium batteries, window coverings, and more
  • Current list of common poisonous substances
  • Fresh look with all-new graphics
  • BONUS: DVD includes Express version of program allowing you to cover the essentials in less time

Content Includes:

  • The Safe Baby – cribs, abusive head trauma (shaken baby syndrome), SIDS, tobacco exposure, and more
  • Choking, Suffocation, and Strangulation – food hazards, propped bottles, small objects, balloons, plastic bags, storage chests, items with strings, window coverings
  • Poison Patrol – household poisons, cabinet locks, plants, lead, pesticides, and more
  • Burn Hazards – stoves, hot dishes, microwaves, appliance safety, fireplaces, outlets, water temperature
  • Drowning Prevention – hazards, toilet locks, touch supervision
  • Preventing Falls – changing tables, furniture, windows, stairs, baby gates
  • Fire Safety – cigarette smoking, matches/lighters, gasoline, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, family fire drill, escape ladders
  • Emergency Preparation – contact lists, CPR, gun safety, first aid and disaster supply kits

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Additional Information

Language(s) Available in English and Spanish
Closed Captioned English Only
Release Year 2012 Update
Program Length 40 min. • Bonus: 20-min. Express version
Ages 13 - Adult
Number of Volumes Single Volume
Price $149.95

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