InJoy works to ensure that all women and families have access to evidence-based maternal/child health information.  

Free Resources for Moms and Educators
Mother's Advocate
is dedicated to helping mothers have the healthiest, safest, most satisfying birth possible. While every birth is unique, there is substantial evidence that points to ways mothers can improve their chances of having the best birth experience. is a website that offers free video clips and print materials that will educate and inform moms on how to have the birth they want.

Additionally, InJoy's free webinars cover a variety of professional development topics for childbirth educators and coordinators.

CARE program
In an effort to reach those who serve low-income, at-risk, and underserved communities, InJoy offers assistance through our CARE program. This program provides qualifying non-profit agencies and organizations the opportunity to apply for special discounts that they can use towards InJoy’s products.

Being Green for Future Generations
InJoy is committed to using environmentally friendly paper with the highest post-consumer recycled content available; in other words, our paper comes from recycled paper; it doesn’t come from trees.